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Who needed that wife anyway?

Date: February 7, 2010 | Posted By:

At first, I thought this Bridgestone ad was insinuating that the people inside were having some sort of altercation when the woman emerged from the car, breathless and frightened. Then I realized that she was forced out of the car, handed over like a piece of property or a ransom.

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I’ll back up. A black, tinted-window car sits on a rainy road. A bunch of white men with indeterminate villainous accents broadcast, “Your tires, or your life!” A tall blonde woman (of course) wearing a black, leather corset-y catsuit gets out of the car (it looks like she’s pushed out). The men say “Your life, not your wife!”


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2 Responses to Who needed that wife anyway?

  1. Jarrah on 02-07-2010

    Yeah...when it comes down to your tires or your wife, you know which to choose! Yuck!
  2. gynocentered on 02-08-2010

    It's very much an appeal to ownership masculinity. I thought these adds were written for white middle class American men who now find themselves having to share a fraction of power with non white men and women. They are VERY defensive. It's like if you are being a 'good' responsible man, underneath you must still be a seething animal. All the ads signify to men in American culture that they are still the protagonist in the game of life, and women-don't you ever forget it!