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Vote now for the gallery’s biggest offender and winner!

Date: October 11, 2016 | Posted By: Colleen Sparks


Ghostbusters. Gallery of Winners.

Now in our Gallery of Offenders and Gallery of Winners, the best and worst of media from the last year are on display, and it’s time to vote for your favorite and most-hated media! While our Gallery of Winners takes a big step forward for female representation and expanding what “sexy” looks like, our Gallery of Offenders shows some of the worst media offenses: sexualization, racial objectification, and glorification of violence against women. Yuck!

This year, we’re doing something a little different. We know the best way to change the face of advertising is to use our power as consumers of media and the products they sell—by sending a clear and unified message to the companies and advertising agencies responsible for those ads.

That’s why we’re asking our community (YOU!) to help us choose the best and worst media of the season by voting for the biggest winner and the biggest offender. The loser will become the subject of a petition campaign calling on that company or agency to change their advertising practices and the messages they use to sell their products. The winner will receive a great big THANK YOU card from the About-Face community.


Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Bacon 3 Way Fantasty. Gallery of Offenders.

Each Winner gave us a little something different, and many of them are expanding the definition of diversity and what that looks like in media (which we are totally into!). From increasing body diversity in campaigns to broadening how we think of sexiness, these winners show us exactly what representation can and should look like. Scroll through the gallery and let us know which one you think is the biggest winner!

The Gallery of Offenders has various egregious: objectification (turning a person into an object), sexualization (turning a person into an object for someone else’s sexual pleasure), but that doesn’t make these ads any less awful. It just goes to show that while many companies are starting to try new things and give us more uplifting, body-positive messages, there are are still plenty of advertisers and media makers using their same old tricks to sell stuff. And we’re not buying it! Which one do you hate the most?

Does one of the ads from our Gallery of Offenders especially get under your skin? Is there something from the Gallery of Winners that you absolutely love? Vote in our poll now to decide the biggest Winner and the biggest Offender! Polls close at the end of the week so VOTE NOW. And don’t forget to share the poll on Facebook and Twitter to see what your friends and family think!

Colleen Sparks
School and Community Program Intern
Online Activism and Communications Intern

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