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tweak an ad

ad with pens and tape all around it.

Ready… set… subvertise!

Sometimes, messing with the powers that be from the safety of your kitchen table is the most empowering thing you can do… at least as a warm-up. And at least this way, glitter, stickers, and colored pens are involved. Here at About-Face, we do subvertising with the girls in our groups and at our events.

Subvertising, a made-up word combining “subvert” (to overturn or overthrow from the foundation) and “advertising”, means to take an ad or other media, change it up so it says what it really means to say. It’s super-sarcastic, and that’s why we like it.

For example: Check out this gallery of tweaked ads, then make your own and send it to us! We’ll put our favorites in this gallery.

[click a picture to see the slideshow larger]
[click a picture to see the slideshow larger]

Again, here’s the link to send us YOUR tweaked ad.

While you tweak your ad, consider the Three Questions that About-Face asks of every ad or piece of media:

  1. What product is the media-maker selling?
  2. How are they selling it? (What story is the image telling? What does the text say?)
  3. What emotion does the advertiser or media-maker want you to feel so you’ll buy the product?


>> Talk back: Sign petitions and write e-mails to companies.

>> Get ideas for taking action.