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Join the SPARK Action Squad

About-Face is proud to be the home of the SPARK Action Squad (SAS). The SPARK Action Squad is a growing coalition of young feminist activists, ages 14-21, working together to ignite and foster a vast, international online community. “Squadders” engage in both local and global action campaigns, conversations, projects, advocacy and initiatives aimed at combatting gender injustice, ending the sexualization of girls and women and advocating for positive, pleasurable, healthy sexuality. The SAS is a diverse squad of fierce, funny and fabulous activists who are collectively articulating and embodying the bright future of global feminism.

SPARK Movement and About-Face have always been about girl-fueled activism. The SPARK Action Squad is an international, online, action-focused community. Over 400 strong and growing, the SPARK Action Squad fosters a community of young activists that engage in dialogue about media messages that degrade them and channel girls’ thirst for change into concrete action.

To do this, the SAS provides a private online forum for young feminists to discuss issues in media and culture related to intersectional injustices and creates monthly actions that folks everywhere can do, online or locally.

As a Squadder, you will get:

  • Invited to join to a private online community space filled with an intergenerational, diverse crew of feminists from around the globe where you will discuss and comment on daily topics such as Beyonce’s feminism, the media’s treatment of women politicians, that new sexualizingly offensive advertisement by [fill in the blank], and any other topic or current event that either inspires you or pisses you off [or both!];
  • Free trainings and activist toolbox fillers from leading feminist organizers that might include: street performance, petition writing, using social media, fundraising, self-care, arts activism, and many many others…
  • Access to SPARK’s growing network of partnering organizations and badass organizers who can support you and advise you on your badass activist ideas;
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities to work with About-Face on our action campaigns;
  • A community of friends, comrades, and contacts that will be invaluable to you throughout your life and work as allies and supporters!

As a Squadder, you will contribute by:

  • Engaging with our online community and discussing topics related to feminist issues;
  • Supporting SPARK’s global actions and campaigns;
  • Bringing your enthusiasm, strategies for actions, and personal creativity to the group.


Sign up here if you’re between the ages of 14-21: