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Popular Culture by Mirranda Willette

Popular Culture,

I have something to say to you
I have had enough.
And I am angry.

I am Angry
Because to you,
no-one is enough
Next to the symbols of sex
that you turn women into.
No-one is enough,
next to porn stars,
and anorexic Barbie-doll ideals.

I am angry
because this body
is the only thing that is mine.
And I am angry
because your consumer products,
and your magazine quizzes
tell me that it’s not enough
that my smile
is not enough,
that my mind
is not enough.

I am angry
Because my self worth should not
come from the shape of my hips,
the size of my breasts,
or the clothes that cover this flesh.
I am angry
because women are enough
without airbrushes,
and revitalizing creams.

I am angry
because to you,
no-one is enough
next to the pillars of strength
that you turn men into.
No-one is enough,
next to irrational masculine ideals.

I am angry
because men are enough
with thoughts,
and hearts of there own.
Men are enough
without wars,
and success.
Men are enough
even when they cry.

Popular culture,
I have a secret for you
I am enough without you.
Because when we stop trying
to fit into the boxes you make for us,
we are all enough
in our own sizes, shapes, and smiles.
We are all enough,
in our own hearts,
in our own eyes,
and together
we are more than enough.