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Letter to US Magazine

August 2002

The ad was printed in US Weekly Issue 391 (August 12, 2002) page 77.

I sent it to the US Weekly e mail address:letters@usmagazine.com. I plan on writing toÝKlein-Becker USA as well. Their email is customerservice@kleinbecker.com.

To Whom It May Concern:

I came across this advertisement in Issue 39 for the week of August 12, 2002 onÝpage 77. I was shocked to find that such a product exists, and am writing to request that you please stop printing it, and in turn stop supporting Klein-Becker USA. Anorex is obviously an abbreviation for Anorexia, a serious and fatal illness affecting 7 million women and 1 million men according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. I understand that US magazine is making a profit off of weight loss ads and celebrity gossip,Ýand in turn making a profit off of the people who read it. ( I am notÝa subscriber.) Therefore I do not expect much in the way of reform (this wouldÝinclude getting rid of the magazine altogether). However,as someoneÝwho works with women in recovery from eating disorders I could not ignore this. I ask you to think of anyone you know who is battling an eating disorder (there is most likely one) and remove this ad from your magazine. I would appreciate a response from you in regards to this issue.


Thank you for your time,

Amy Rogerino