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Letter to Soma Magazine

To: editorial@somamagazine.com

Dear Soma,

This email is in regards to the “fashion” spread you had in your recent August ’02 issue. There are so many things wrong here I don’t even know where to begin, but I’m going to try anyway.

The images of battered dead women are not only misogynistic (which is disturbingly common in the world of advertising), but incredibly horrific and just plain gross. These images do not sell clothes or shoes, they sell the idea that the butchering and murder of women is sexy. No, it is not okay to dehumanize women for the sake of “art.” In a world that struggles daily with violence towards women, you go and exhibit the extremely poor judgement in glamorizing it.

In trying to be edgy and shocking, you only succeeded in pushing the very old and damaging ideology that women are nothing more than sexual inhuman objects to a whole new sickening level. You may not have the conscience or the foresight to realize the negative effect that the images you choose to put out have on the society at large, but believe me, there are millions of people out here in the real and unglossy world who do.

I hope my outraged email is one of millions that clog your inboxes as well as the inboxes of your advertisers.

If you have any explanation at all for these merits of these photos being run as a fashion spread, I would be very interested in hearing them. If you do not respond, I will take your silence as a sign that you agree that these photos have absolutely no merits.


Tina Tran
Austin, TX