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Letter to Diesel

July 11, 1998

Dear Diesel,


On your website, you state that your ads represent youth culture. You use very serious themes yet claim to be ironic and absurd. Your ads, you say, are all a joke.


We are not laughing.


You and we know that pop cultural images have a tremendous impact, especially on the youth culture you exploit.


Glamorizing death, drugs, teen sexuality, and serious mental and physical disorders to sell clothes to young people is not funny or ironic. Young people are getting the wrong message and you are profiting.


Your literature states that you embrace the world’s youth with open arms. The true irony is that your tired version of hipness once again reduces young people to the lowest common denominator, depicting scantily clad girls and tough guys as vacant, hardened street kids. So much for originality. Your images are contributing to an increasingly apathetic and compassion-deadened society.


Surely there is a more positive way to use your incredible influence on the world¼s youth than to continue this Diesel spilläer, spiel. Everyone knows that consuming Diesel is toxic to children and other living things.


We would kindly appreciate a response.



About-Face, San Francisco NOW & Friends


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