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Letter regarding Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms Ads

November 2002

My first letter:

I am not sure who to direct this email to. I think it is great that your company is selling a product which caters to women’s sexuality. I am referring to the new “For Her Pleasure” condoms. However, the ads selling this new product have insulted many women making them feel uncomfortable. If the man is the one who is supposed to wear your product don’t you think it would be fair to have men represented in your ads? Maybe you should have a male model with a condom peering out of his boxers instead of a woman.


The reply I received:

Dear Mr./Ms. Wolf:
Thank you for contacting us regarding TrojanÆ Her Pleasure Condoms, and sharing your suggestion for improving our advertising.

Other consumers have brought similar ideas to our attention.

Our aim is to manufacture quality products which meet the needs of our consumers. Your input is valuable in helping us meet this goal.

We hope you will visit our web site again at: www.churchdwight.com; for information about our company, products, history, and financial information.

Prakriti Upadhyay
Consumer Relations Specialist


My reply to this:

Thank you for your fast reply. I was impressed to receive a response the next day. I am a woman and like other women, I am offended by the ads. If this product is supposed to be for women, then the two ads are not selling what they are supposed to. I believe that this new product would have more sales if different ads were created. As for myself, I am debating on whether I will purchase the new product because the ads are degrading and objectify women’s bodies. Women do buy condoms besides men.
What can be done about the ads because they are producing a lot of anger?

Thank you,
J. Wolf