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Is Diesel Toxic?

Diesel is an Italian company that makes trendy clothes. Diesel’s advertising campaign is called “Diesel – For Successful Living”. Their literature says: “Diesel is not haute couture: it is youth culture.”


On their website, Diesel’s self-analysis states:
“Diesel’s images of consumer paradise must be interpreted very ironically: the standard promise of “success” found in most (of the) advertising is exaggerated and made absurd. Serious themes seem to be lurking everywhere in the advertising, but any suggestion of worthiness is undercut by a final admission that it’s all just a joke.”


Are you laughing yet?


Just wondering…

  • Do advertisers have any responsibility for the social impact of their ads?
  • Do magazines have any responsibility for the social impact of the ads they run?
  • Do YOU have any social responsibility in relation to media images in our culture?


As a parent? As an individual? As a teacher? As a role model?
What do YOU think?


Question The Motives of the Fashion Industry


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Diesel can be reached at:


Advertising Department
Diesel s.p.a.
7 Via Dell’Industria
36060 Molvena (VI)


Renzo Rosso is the Founder and President of Diesel. You can send a letter directly to him at the address above.


or by email: advertising_dept@diesel.com


You can also write the big flagship stores in the US:
Manager Manager
Diesel Store Diesel Store
101 Post St. 770 Lexington Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94108 New York, NY 10021
415-982-7077 (phone) 212-308-0055 (phone)
415-982-7070(fax) 212-308-2299 (fax)


We also encourage you to contact the magazines that run any advertising that bothers you. All of these companies are eager for input from their potential customers!