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Life Has No fitler copy

San Francisco, CA –  Sunday August 10, 2014 About-Face interns and volunteers challenged how we interpret everything on social media, from selfies to profile pictures. The action, #LifeHasNoFilter, focused on raising awareness about social media’s impact on self-esteem. We were pleased to have ABC 7 film the event and air it on the 11:00pm news!


About-Face’s message is that social media portrays a filtered, and often glorified, segment of people’s lives – and that individuals can utilize social media in a way that promotes connection, not dissatisfaction. The public was invited to participate in this event.

Our  interns and volunteers asked passers-by to answer the question “What moments in your life would you exclude from social media?” and write their answers on our sticky-note filled poster. The interns also discussed the contrast between filtered “social-media-ready” images, and unfiltered images people would normally refrain from posting. 

Online – Twitter and Facebook Campaign!

Whether you could attend the action or not, we encourage you to participate in our online portion of the event! We ask you to consider the question “What moments in your life would you exclude from social media?”. Then email us unfiltered photos that you would never consider posting online. You may also include a sentence reflecting on why you wouldn’t normally post these images. What personal or cultural ideas inhibit these posts? We will upload your images and responses on our social media pages!

Email responses here: lifehasnofilter@about-face.org