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We’ve done a bunch of actions that challenge our relationships to weight, body image, and media messages. Check ’em out! We WANT you to copy us, as long as you get in touch to tell us what you did!

“Born This Great” Action

In August 2011, a group of young women set up right in front of the Skyy vodka ad with a woman’s hand unzipping a red jacket, in position to ask people what they thought of the ad.

A few paces away, the three other girls set up the mirror/T-shirt station where individuals would be asked to write something positive about themselves.
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Yay! Scales in San Francisco

What is a Yay! Scale? It’s a standard bathroom scale that is re-worked into a positive tool that, instead of focusing on the weight of the user, compliments her by saying how wonderful she is. Don’t you want to see “amazing” instead of a number on your scale? We thought so! Marilyn Wann, the author of the great book Fat!So?, taught us how to make these scales, and you can buy your own here.


Covert Dressing Room Action

About-Face’s Summer 2009 Take Action group created removable decals with their own positive messages on them. Then, they posted these decals on various stores’ fitting room mirrors in the heavily populated Union Square area and downtown shopping area in San Francisco. They also handed out decals to others who wished to do the same or to keep one for their mirrors at home. (Buy some of the decals we made, learn how to make static-cling decals like ours or download ours!)

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“Cardboard Cutouts” Action

On December 20, 2008, seven young women from the San Francisco Bay Area took to San Francisco’s Powell BART station to speak out about negative media messages and receive positive support from their community.
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Taking Action against “The Swan”

In 2004, About-Face was horrified by a new show on Fox called “The Swan”. It depicted normal-looking women entering a beauty pageant against each other, after having extensive cosmetic surgery, doing brutal workouts, and going on very restrictive diets.

Over the months of April and May, we asked shoppers near Union Square to sign letters to Fox Television’s Chairwoman, Gail Berman. As a positive twist, we also asked them to fill in a sign that said “I don’t need a makeover because…” and mailed the letter and the sign into Fox. Not only did we get women involved, but we also got fathers, boyfriends, husbands and brothers involved as well! More than 500 letters were signed and sent to Fox!!
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