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By Julie

One of my coworkers who has struggled with her weight to the extent of surgery, told me to send this… The best part of high functioning autism is how I feel about my body. The best analogy I can make is a washing machine. I don’t think about it alot, but I’m glad it is there. If it wasn’t I’d ooz all over the floor.

Body’s let you do neat stuff. They are so really really cool feeling sun, rubbing my face in my dog, rocking back and forth, flapping my arms up and down. Flap your hands really fast and they feel really neat. Totally weightless and the closest I’ll ever get to outer space.

I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about body image. For me people come in three sizes – taller than me, about the same, shorter than me. Short people are small…I shop by color. My husband comes along to guide me or I’d just buy purple and it probably wouldn’t fit.