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Better Homes and Gardens

Dear Better Homes and Gardens,

Your magazine is wonderful! I am a loyal customer who is upset by an advertisement a saw in the February issue of BHG. It was submitted by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the ad is “The bendable-stretchable-pulledin-all-direction modern mom.” The ad states that today, “women have to do it all” and implies that beef will help solve all their problems. As someone educated in women’s issues, I was disappointed to see the ad in your magazine. The plastercine doll is an anorexic looking, comatose mom being pulled harshly in all directions by four male hands. Women are too often depicted in these kinds of disempowering positions in the media. As you look at the ad, imagine replacing the woman with some kind of animal like a deer, fox or labrador retriever. We would be horrified – yet we allow women to take on these degrading positions without blinking an eye!

I know that BHG would not intentionally do anything in their magazine to harm women. Indeed, I am so brainwashed by the media that ads like these often pass me right by until some enlightened person shows me the real message behind the content.

Please don’t run this ad again.