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Beauty Betrayed by T.E. Stubbs

Terrible loneliness,

Unwanted and unloved…
A freak, not normal,
An ugly spectacle of society.

People laugh,
And people tease,
Always hurting,
And insulting me…

A look in the mirror,
And I feel no pain,
Beauty looks back,
Without eyes of shame..

Beautiful mind,
And beautiful soul,
Joined in a beauty,
Who all could behold…?

Betrayed by love,
And betrayed by life,
Beauty dies in self-tragedy,
Leaving everyone to wonder why?

Theodora – 25 – hope to be a sucessful writer one day – I’ve spent many years of my life crying, until I realized no matter how I look someone somewhere will never realize to true beauty that is me – beauty truly comes from within, I just hope everyone will realize that one day…