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Complaint Shallow Hal Review

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

‘Hal’ Review Offensive


Editor — The review of “Shallow Hal” in Friday’s Datebook section (“Lightweight ‘Shallow Hal’ laughs at fat discrimination with pretty big success,” Nov. 9) was as ignorant and offensive as the movie itself. I saw the movie and was outraged by it, as are the members of the organization I lead, About-Face (www.about-face.org). “Shallow Hal” is nothing but hackneyed fat jokes and our perverse, sad, unattainable beauty standard for women.


Your reviewer seems to think this is funny. He states, “The fat jokes are only at the expense of a lissome glamour girl.” Wrong: The jokes are at the expense of a larger person.


I urge your readers to boycott “Shallow Hal.”


Jennifer Berger

Executive Director
San Francisco


Editor’s Response:


OK, OK. Bob Graham persuaded me that this “inner beauty” thing can be both illuminating and funny without slamming those big bodies. But how come no comments on those dudes?


I do like Jack Black, and it is a free country, so OK to Jason Alexander, but talk about runty, chubby, annoying guys! These are the guys who are supposed to be cool? Where are your glasses, Graham, or maybe it’s just a “woman thing”?


Gwyneth, fat or skinny, would be nuts to be attracted to either.