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Maidenform’s response

March 29, 1999

Dear Ms. Bruin:


Thank you for sharing your views on our new advertising campaign. We are very interested in understanding how women relate to our Brand and how we communicate it to the public.


Advertising intimate apparel, by nature of the product itself, is a delicate and often controversial issue. The product is designed to offer support and comfort, while also enhancing how women look, both to themselves and under the clothes they wear. Dimensionalizing these beliefs requires us to connect with women on both an emotional and physical level.


Maidenform’s new “Perfecting the Real You” campaign was designed to recognize women’s beauty – both inside and out. It shows an image of a strong, confident woman who feels good about herself. She obviously possesses inner beauty. Our belief is similar to yours in that women should not be forced to be someone they are not. We are not fostering the notion of an ideal beauty, although it does exist in our society. However, we recognize the fact that every woman does want to look her best, and our bras serve to enhance a woman’s beauty. We work with a woman’s body, and give it a better silhouette, or shape, without exercising or dieting. We recognize that women come in all shapes and sizes, and are offering them one way to look better ã without changing who they are. We both know that when women think they look good, they feel good as well. We are dealing with today’s issues, not creating them.


Unfortunately, despite our good intentions, our message did not communicate effectively, and was somewhat misunderstood. I apologize for this. As a result, Maidenform will be changing our advertising copy in the near future. We are a brand that understands women’s needs, aspirations, and issues, and I hope you will find our new campaign consistent with these objectives.


Again, thank you for sharing your feelings.




Manette Scheininger
Director of Marketing