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Photoshop Disasters lifts the pixelated veil

Date: June 28, 2008 | Posted By:

Lest we think that the images we see in ads are the gospel truth, here comes the blog Photoshop Disasters, featuring the most egregious blunders in digital manipulation. It features the so-called flawless retouches that accidentally defy the laws of physics and/or human anatomy. Not only is this blog absolutely hilarious, it serves as a reminder of the extent to which every ad we see is edited.

Donna Summer

My heart goes out to Ms. Summer. However, you will see much worse on the site: extra hands, people with eight-pack abs but no bellybuttons, even my favorite here (may be NSFW). It’s interesting to note that, although PsD is a site that is open to all types of ads, photos of Frankenstein women dominate the blog. I definitely recommend visiting this site as an affirmation that, no, no one actually looks like that.


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One Response to Photoshop Disasters lifts the pixelated veil

  1. Nicole on 06-29-2008

    I discovered PsD a few weeks ago and I totally agree. I through I was pretty good at picking out those "clearly photoshopped" female models... but I never realized just how bad it's getting. Kind of scary.