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Note: Use women as accessories more, Verizon NFL Mobile.

Date: February 6, 2011 | Posted By:

While we really can’t get too up-in-arms about this one, it’s important to notice how many times women are used as accessories. In this case, they’re kind of background props. They just threw 3-4 bikini-clad women in there for fun.

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2 Responses to Note: Use women as accessories more, Verizon NFL Mobile.

  1. Normal person on 02-06-2011

    LOL. Not a SINGLE woman in a bikini. AND also. Had there been no women, bet you would've complained about that shit too, huh? Fuck you. Down with penises huh? lol, ugly cow.
  2. Smarter Than You on 02-07-2011

    Isn't it interesting that the BEST in your arsenal of put-downs is calling someone "ugly" or saying they'll be "alone". The problem with that, mouth-breather, is that it's YOUR fear that we would choose to be alone, rather than objectified by the likes of you. You're pathetic and can't seem to wrap your miniscule little mind around te fact that we don't give a SHIT if you think we're pretty. Grow up and go bother someone else. I'm busy making a donation.