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Love ya, “Glee”, but stay decent.

Date: April 13, 2010 | Posted By:

rolling stone glee cover Mark seligerOK, so why did Rolling Stone find it so necessary to show Lea Michelle (Rachel)’s underwear and hint at the idea of Dianna Agron (Quinn) riding a bike’s handlebars sans panties? Oh, that’s right. It’s Rolling Stone, makers of the most sexist magazine covers I’ve ever seen. And we use women’s bodies to sell magazines. How could I have been so silly.

— Jennifer

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2 Responses to Love ya, “Glee”, but stay decent.

  1. Getty Image Office Philippines    on 08-19-2010

    "Glee" is a show about loving yourself for who you are, not changing who you are so people will love you. I hope that photos like this will not muddle the thoughts of young people who adore the show.
  2. A B O U T – F A C E — blog » “Glee” stars get very adult on the cover of GQ on 10-22-2010

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