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Gallery of Winners Archive

archive of winners 18: JC Penney paves the way for LGBT advertising

JC Penney’s May 2012 catalog shows a lesbian couple with their two daughters just in time for Mother’s Day! It’s great to see such a big retail store be in support of the LGBT community and shows the reality that we live in. Kate Coultas, a spokesperson for JC Penney, states that “as JC Penney Continue reading

archive of winners 20: Fotoshop by Adobé

“Maybe she’s born with it…Uhh, no I’m pretty sure it’s photoshopped.” Filmmaker Jesse Rosten parodies society’s standard of beauty and we are loving it! The great thing about this parody is that it makes fun of the norms that are found in real beauty ads to show how ridiculous they truly are. In his mock Continue reading

archive of winners 17: Glamour wants us all to STOP body-shaming

Glamour’s June 2012 issue talks about how women, both thin and heavy, are negatively stereotyped in our society. They asked more than 1,800 women between the ages of 18 and 40 to imagine a thin and heavy woman and come up with words that they believed described characteristics for each woman. What the Glamour editors Continue reading

archive of winners 16: Nike gives us beautiful voices

Nike’s “Voices” ad features successful women athletes who overcame obstacles and sexism and celebrates how far women’s sports have come. This ad is so empowering because it shows women who wanted to play sports so badly that they “wrote their own rules”. Women who are in sports are not given much attention because many find Continue reading

archive: Real teen life in Rookie magazine

Rookie magazine is the best current alternative to the garbage available for teenage girls today, like Seventeen and Teen Vogue (boo!). It’s an online magazine for teenage girls that covers subjects from fashion to feminist topics and issues that girls are going through. There are tons of great things about Rookie, but key among them: Continue reading

archive of winners 19: Parks and Recreation shows women can get what they really want

We love you, Amy Poehler! You feed us girl-power, and we barely know it’s going down. This clip of the episode “Win, Lose, or Draw” (Season 4 finale) brought happy tears to my eyes. Seeing a woman achieving what she wants, even if it’s “just” a councilwoman position in a tiny town in Indiana, made Continue reading

archive of winners 7: The Hunger Games really satisfies

There are so many reasons we love the Hunger Games book AND movie: There’s a strong, awesome heroine, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence), who also shows her vulnerability, love, and fear. And she doesn’t have the smoothest social skills, preferring to be alone and taciturn. a) Who does have perfect social skills? and b) Continue reading

archive: This Girl Can. Bye, haters!

Who says girls can’t sweat? Not This Girl Can, a campaign run out of the UK that aims to encourage women to get out there and get active in any way they choose–regardless of the stigmas they face. Unlike most fitspo and exercise ads, this video features women of ALL shapes and sizes rocking what they’re Continue reading

archive of winners 5: Glamour goes above and beyond

Praising a big-name women’s magazine may seem contradictory (isn’t this the direct source of all those airbrushed photos and deceptive advertisements?), but Glamour magazine has become a true exception. Consistently incorporating models of all colors, shapes and sizes, Glamour has stayed true to its promise of leading a Body Image Revolution. What’s most refreshing about Glamour’s commitment Continue reading

archive of winners 4: Title Nine asks, “Where are you your own best self?”

There really aren’t enough catalogs that feature strong, active, happy women. Not only does Title Nine feature positive images of active women, the captions are also empowering. Next to the “Where are you your own best self?” image, the founder’s note reads: “Here’s to finding that place where we are our best selves and spending Continue reading