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Gallery of Winners Archive

archive: Be Anything, Be Everything

Earlier in 2015, Gillette Venus launched the “Use Your And” campaign that encourages women to ditch the labels. According to Gillette, 70 percent of women felt labeled while they were growing up. Whether it was “smart,” “athletic”, or “pretty,” these labels followed them. The “Use Your And” campaign encourages young women to break those shallow labels Continue reading

archive: Choose Beautiful, Choose You

Earlier this year, Dove launched its newest campaign, Choose Beautiful. Dove went to major cities across the world and had doors labeled “Beautiful” and “Average” which aided in their study on how women perceive themselves. Cameras watched as some women struggled to decided between which door to walk through while others did not hesitate. The Continue reading

archive: Lorde gives us options with “Royals”

This song is catchy, it’s moody. But have you really listened to those lyrics? If so, you’ve found that 17-year-old Lorde is saying her life is really different from what she sees in movies and hears in popular songs. She may even be commenting on some hip-hop tracks that portray extreme luxury (“luxe” in this Continue reading

archive: And now, a positive message from Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner is a family-centered restaurant that can be found in 9 states in the U.S., with a total of 58 locations! We already loved them for their food, but this series of 10-plus commercials that Black Bear Diner released during the 2012 Summer Olympics has caused us to fall in love with them Continue reading

archive: “Don Jon” takes on taboos

The movie “Don Jon,” written and directed by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, confronts the idea of media culture versus reality in an enjoyable, funny way. It does a beautiful job of highlighting the difference between an idealized view of love and intimacy (adult entertainment, romantic comedies), and the troubles that happen between two people when their Continue reading

Archive of winners 2: How big your brave is

Singer and songwriter Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” is the self-love anthem we need in a culture where self-love sits on the back burner while many of us try to assimilate, homogenize, and “normalize.” Co-written with Jack Antonoff of the band Fun. and inspired by a friend struggling with coming out of the closet, Sara Bareilles Continue reading

archive: Every Girl in the Barbie World

Earlier this week, Mattel released a new Barbie replicating Zendaya. The Barbie in question has Zendaya’s Oscar 2015 look that former Fashion Police co-host, Giuliana Rancic, famously criticized, stating that her hair looked as if it smelled like “patchouli” and “weed.” Zendaya did not stand for the borderline racist comments made by Rancic. She stood Continue reading

archive: Google’s Nexus 7 encourages curiosity in girls

Google’s Nexus 7 “Curious” commercial receives our applause for so, so many reasons. Why? This commercial repeatedly proclaims the importance of a healthy body and mind for women and girls of all ages. The ad starts off with a little girl and her mother sitting together on the couch reading. First things first, the mother Continue reading

Princess Bubblegum peers into her microscope

archive: Adventure Time, c’mon and grab your (girl) friends!

There are three awesome female characters in this Cartoon Network show, which is a little bit of a dude-fest for the most part. Yes, the females are mostly princesses, but they’re really cool, unusual princesses. There’s Princess Bubblegum, the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, who happens to be an accomplished, smart scientist and inventor. Lumpy Continue reading

archive of winners 8: Nancy Upton shames the shameful American Apparel

Nancy Upton, a plus size woman, entered American Apparel’s “Next Big Thing” modeling contest where the winner was to be decided by online votes. For this contest, Upton submitted pictures of herself eating and covered with food in provocative positions, basically spoofing all of American Apparel’s ads throughout the years. Although Upton won the contest Continue reading