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Gallery of Winners Archive

Did he say yes?!

Admittedly, Secret’s #stresstest campaign has not exactly had the best track record of avoiding feminine stereotypes. But we totally love this one! The scene depicts a couple eating at a Chinese restaurant. After their meal, the waitress brings over a fortune cookie. The man, confused, asks why there’s only one and his girlfriend responds she Continue reading

Screw your outdated gender roles!

Once again, Always has a message for young women: that they shouldn’t let gender expectations keep them from doing what they love, and that they shouldn’t listen to what others say. A well-known fact is that, at puberty, U.S. girls’ confidence plummets. And half of girls quit sports. Many of the girls featured in the Continue reading

I don’t care what they say

Too pretty, too girly, too masculine, too old, too young, too this, too that… dang, can’t a girl WIN? Our society and media just love to dictate what a girl can and cannot be (and don’t get us wrong, they dictate everything). But the scrutiny toward women and feminine-presenting individuals is relentless, to the point Continue reading

They’re kinda… normal?

Kudos to Aerie, which has come up with one of the most body-positive campaigns of the year. Aerie’s Share Your Spark Campaign uses picture of women, not all of whom are models, and doesn’t Photoshop any part of their bodies. These women are 100% real with scars, stomach rolls, and stretch marks, which is how Continue reading

No bloody problem!

Bodyform’s “Blood” advertisement is so different from most… well all period ads, that you don’t even realize it’s selling pads or tampons until the very end. There are no white dresses (read: “pure virgin” trope), no laughing ladies, no lounging on soft white furniture (honestly, why have a white couch? Forget period stains, there would Continue reading

More than one kind of sexy

There are usually a few common categories people check off when they are thinking of diversity: Race/Ethnicity Gender Class Age Lingerie brand Curvy Kate is raising the bar with their #TheNewSexy campaign. This is most diverse campaign we’ve ever seen. Eight women model for the Scantilly collection and include a woman with alopecia (an autoimmune Continue reading

Underwritten? Let’s write her, then!

We love this. Like a lot. Can you crowdwrite a movie? (Kidding, sort of…) Underwritten Female Character is a parody movie trailer that both makes fun of and is critical of archetypes assigned to female characters, many of which are sexist, underdeveloped, and overused. In this case, these are the Manic Pixie Dream Girl as Continue reading

Unlimited representation

Nike’s Unlimited series has overall been pretty awesome. It’s featured Olympic stars like Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas, and has carried a “can-do” (just do it) attitude throughout. But this one stood out from the crowd. Chris Mosier is on the Team USA sprint duatholon men’s team for the 2016 World Championships and is the Continue reading

“The bodies don’t need to change, the attitude does”

“Would my life better if I were thinner? No, but it would be better if I wasn’t treated so poorly because I’m not.” “I was the 5th grader called ‘hippo’.” “In high school, I thought I would be so much prettier if were thin.” “I was a target… I didn’t know what was wrong with Continue reading

Who ya gonna call?

Whether you totally loved the Ghostbusters reboot or still prefer the original, there is no denying that new all-female Ghostbusting team kicks the patriarchy’s butt! Here are just a few of the reasons this movie does important things for women in media: Each of the women are well-rounded, complicated, flawed, and inspiring. They are brilliantly Continue reading