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Gallery of Offenders Archive

robot looking down her nose over sunglasses

Svedka’s Robotic Woman of the Future

Having a robot depict the women of the future whilst making a seductive face and strutting around is apparently the only way Svedka sees fit to sell their vodka. This ad gives the joking impression that in the future, women may be robots… and maybe robots controlled and programmed by men to do whatever they Continue reading

archive page 11: Berry, berry sexist

An example of food making its appearance as an erotic encounter, alongside alcohol. There is not much subtlety in these images–melons and balls and phallic bottles, oh my–nor in pairing alcohol with sexuality. (Retzinger, 2004.) Continue reading

archive page 10: For those hard to reach fragrance pulse points

Three basic techniques used to establish superiority or power are size, attention, and positioning. People in charge of their own lives typically stand up straight, alert and ready to meet the world. In contrast, the bending of the body conveys unpreparedness and submissiveness (Goffman, 1976). Continue reading

archive page 9: Multitasking at its most sexist.

In this commercial, we see a woman riding a mechanical bull and eating a burger. She somehow manages to get hardly any food on herself, and when she does, she sucks her fingers to appear even more seductive. At the end of the commercial, a message appears. “Eat right. Exercise more.” Fast food is not Continue reading

archive page 8: Diesel tells all to “Be Stupid.”

In this ad, Diesel is encouraging women to take actions that would gain them the title of “having the balls.” I don’t think it’s too much to say that having balls is indicative of being male, or at least masculine. Masculine traits are preferable over feminine traits, even for women. In order to be more Continue reading

archive page 7: American Apparel: Sexist marketing made in downtown L.A.

American Apparel’s pornographic marketing photos are not cutting-edge—they’re old-fashioned sexism dressed in deep v-neck t-shirts and flashy leggings. Their retro styles match their outdated way of showing women, and their photos would be much more appropriate in a hipster edition of Hustler than a clothing catalog. While American Apparel does use racially diverse models in their ads, Continue reading

archive page 6: Blame it on Jamie Foxx

Here at About-Face we love a good hip-hop beat, but when we look at the actual images and lyrics in this video, we want to “Blame It” on sexism. More dangerous than the all-too-common sexualized and objectified images of women in the video, however, are the lyrics to the song. What is Jamie “blaming” on Continue reading

archive page 5: What, this fragrance didn’t smell good enough already?

In this particular Tom Ford ad, the man is fully clothed and being groped by someone else who is obviously female. There is no visible clothing on the woman. The man has a look of complete satisfaction. The advertiser is trying to appeal to straight men. This ad is degrading to women in general because Continue reading

archive page 4: Her vodka brand sure isn’t her only worry…

So dangerous: It’s as if we’ve suddenly stepped into a seedy bar and swung open the bathroom stall door, only to find this duo. The woman is like a deer caught in the headlights, and is frantically trying to reapply her lipstick. The man stands confident and strong, but notice we only see his crotch. Continue reading

archive page 3: NC-17 AD, PG-13 Viewers

This advertisement tells us that a girl needs nothing but accessories and boys (after all, she literally has nothing else on). Advertisers use women’s sexuality to grab the attention of consumers to stimulate desire, hoping that desire will be transferred to their product. When women’s bodies are used to sell products, they become commodities themselves, Continue reading