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Gallery of Offenders Archive

Robin Thicke knows you want it

In the music video for the hit song of the summer of 2013, “Blurred Lines,” Robin Thicke wants to make sure you know his last name and that he knows what you want, even if you don’t. After all, the “good girls” in his music video are just brainless animals needing to be “domesticated.” Dressed Continue reading

Teen girls: You have a reputation as starvation experts

In this spot, Geico switches its familiar gecko spokesman with a trio of three girls, portrayed as the “popular” crowd, who follow around a man who has decided that the best way for him to save money (given how expensive his car insurance is) is to not eat. And what’s the best way to stop Continue reading

archive page 12: PETA: Animal-friendly, human-hating

Warning: Sexual violence alert! PETA’s ad “My Boyfriend Went Vegan”, tries to warn young women of the effects of their boyfriend going vegan, also known as BWVAKTBOOM (Boyfriend Went Vegan And Knocked The Bottom Out Of Me) and informing them of the safe way to go vegan. Of course, the story of “Jessica” and her Continue reading

Axe does it again with “Office Love”

Sigh… Axe is at it again. They really embrace the concept of “sex sells,” because there is not one Axe commercial that does not have any sexual content in it, or men somehow trying to prey on women. In this particular commercial for Axe hair gel, we see an office romance blooming between a man Continue reading

Miller Lite: The masculinity police

I am still looking forward to the day when beer commercials will stop insulting women and stop being sexist. In this case, it’s sexist against men AND women. Miller Lite’s commercial shows a man asking one of his guy friends to come to the bathroom with him. Shocking right? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. Continue reading

This commercial sucks more than just fat

LG takes insulting women to a whole other level with this commercial. To show the powerful suction of the LG Kompressor Plus Vacuum, a man is hiding behind a model with the nozzle of the vacuum on her back sucking up all her excess fat. Apparently, LG wants to make the statement that the suction Continue reading

It’s a car! It’s a woman! Wait, what?

It has been more that 20 years since Fiat has sold vehicles in the United States, and for their return, they’ve decided to show a woman as a car… or car as a woman? Or…? Either way, it’s just weird. This commercial shows a feisty Italian model seducing a man by pulling on his tie Continue reading

Selling Megan Fox’s body, not Sharper Image products

Sharper Image reverts back to the old days of advertising via sexualizing women by choosing Megan Fox as their model for their holiday season campaign “Guys Love Gadgets”. According to Sharper Image, if there is one thing men love more than gadgets, it’s Megan Fox in skimpy clothing. In these ads, Megan Fox strips down Continue reading

Samsung Smart TV makes men look like mindless losers

In this commercial, we see Angela Bellotte, a Victoria’s Secret model, standing in front of her window, waving, biting her lip, and making come-hither faces at multiple men in the building across from hers. Apparently Samsung thought the way to inform people of their new state-of-the-art television would be to show a scantily clad woman Continue reading

Who would you insult for a Klondike bar?

This ad for Klondike’s new Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream bar demonstrates the concept of “5 seconds to glory”. All a man has to do to achieve glory is listen to his wife! As if listening attentively to your wife or girlfriend is such a tasking thing to do. And to add insult to injury, Continue reading