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Gallery of Offenders Archive

Hello, Room Service? I thought I ordered the leg of lamb.

Here we have an example of turning women into objects. But this one is a double whammy. Not only is the woman on the left just a pair of feet, but she is practically an accessory to the woman on the right. While it’s a little hard to tell for sure, it looks as the Continue reading

Cheeseburgers: So sexy!

Step 1: Scream into the nearest pillow. Step 2: Breathe and put your critical thinking cap on. Welp, this one’s a doozie. I’m being too polite. Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s had a track record of having some of the most brazenly sexualized ads. They constantly use scantily clad, tall, thin supermodels to pose/“eat”/sell their products. But this Continue reading

One superhuman backpedal

The internet did not hold back when this billboard for X-Men: Apocalypse went viral, and for good reason. The billboard shows Apocalypse, the film’s villain, choking Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence. The image in and of itself is fairly disturbing, but the caption in the top right corner really cinches it: “Only the strong will Continue reading

It’s… ALIVE!

If you ever need a textbook definition of objectification, look no further than this ad. Objectification simply means turning someone into an object, a material thing. Here, what was at one point a woman is now a dismembered pair of legs attached to an umbrella. More than that, these legs are being used to sell Continue reading

Father Knows… Worst

Ah, the classic overprotective dad. All he wants is to protect his little girl. Great? Not so much. While, of course, every parent has a hard time watching their children grow up and become adults, this ad plays on an old attitude that says a girl’s purity or virginity must be protected — that her Continue reading

Ewww de Sex

Let’s be real, the bottle of perfume is not the main point of this ad. I mean, it is, but it isn’t. The thing that really catches your attention is a naked woman (and man) taking up most of the page. Honestly, if the perfume bottle were removed, you would have no idea what this Continue reading

Perfection? It’s Not Real.

Of course, all we dream about is perfection. My life would be so much more fulfilled if I had zero flaws. Fortunately for us, Maybelline has the solution to all of our inadequacies! All we have to do is buy their foundation! Wait… This is classic example of an ad that relies on a sense Continue reading

I cringe in #mycalvins

It’s been 21 years since our founder first took action against a deplorable Calvin Klein ad, and they are is still making campaigns that insult women and girls. ~Groan~ Will they ever learn? Overall, CK’s #mycalvins campaign has been a mixed bag. Some of the ads are passable, others walk the line between edgy and Continue reading

Will it pay my rent?

If only I had known that the solution to my every problem was a lacy bra and a good hair day! Does this mean Wacoal is down to pay my college tuition? Do the researchers working on the cure for cancer know about this? Obviously, all those scientists would have figured it out by now Continue reading

American Apparel does it again (and again)

We talk about how ads objectify women a lot. And what’s the easiest way to do so? Cutting out a person’s face is a start. Here, the model is literally just a body part. She is an object for looking at, particularly her butt. Without the context of this image being from American Apparel’s Instagram Continue reading