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Body Typed film

Because you’ve been watching BODY TYPED is going to stay on our web site for the month of May! Don’t miss this series of short films by Sundance Award-winning director Jesse Epstein, or any of the other goodies we’ve just added. Along with a short film that catches up with the original cast after the documentary, there’s a game where you can spot the Photoshop!

About-Face often uses clips from this film during our media-literacy workshops in classrooms and groups.

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Wet Dreams and False Images from jesse epstein on Vimeo.









Want to know what happened to Dee Dee after BODY TYPED? Check out the film below to see whether or not Dee Dee changed his mind regarding models in magazines:

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For more info on BODY TYPED visit: http://bodytypedfilmproject.com/

The filmmaker’s new game allows YOU to identify what’s been altered! Can you spot the difference? Take the challenge and PLAY the GAME! 


>> Go to BODY TYPED web site.

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