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Here, you’ll find all the facts on body image, eating disorders, media, self-esteem, and more. We have made every attempt to give you the primary sources. For example, the actual study instead of an article about that study.

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We hope that you will find this section helpful for your school/college papers, grant proposals, and research. BUT never, EVER plagiarize or copy words directly from this section for use in a paper, etc. Use the facts to inform your own thoughts on the topic!

As you read these statistics, you may notice that they sometimes seem contradictory, which usually means there’s a need for more research. The field of body image and eating disorders is growing and expanding, with many dedicated professionals conducting research and treatment.

Credits: Our facts were first compiled in 1998 by Elisabeth Dittrich, PhD. They were updated in 2007 by Marcella Raimondo, MPH and PhD student.

Note: The information on the About-Face web site is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose an eating disorder or other conditions. It cannot replace a psychologist’s or physician’s diagnosis. The About-Face staff cannot provide a diagnosis or other personal advice, but we would be happy to send you information and assist you in finding appropriate resources.

This information is also not a substitute for medical and/or psychological treatment. Although the information provided on this web site is intended to be as accurate and reliable as possible, it is possible that the information may not be up to date, may be incomplete, and/or may contain inaccuracies. (We worked very hard to provide accurate information. Please let us know if you find anything incorrect by e-mailing us at info@about-face.org.) Therefore, as a condition of using this web site, users agree that how information provided by this web site is used is the user’s sole responsibility and not the responsibility of About-Face.