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Gallery of Offenders: Diesel tells all to “Be Stupid.”

Date: September 2, 2010 | Posted By:
Questions to Consider: * What is this ad saying about women? About men? * What kind of action or attitude is this ad encouraging? * What product is this ad selling? What We Think: In this ad, Diesel is encouraging women to take actions that would gain them the title of “having the balls.” I Continue reading

Gallery of Offenders: Treating animals ethically, but what about women?

Date: | Posted By: Stacey
Questions to Consider:   * What is this ad trying to convey? * Who is this ad’s intended audience? * What does a woman’s body have to do with the ethical treatment of animals? What We Think: They may be called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, but it’s hard to remember the last Continue reading

New Gallery of Winners!

Date: August 22, 2009 | Posted By:
Our new Gallery of Winners is up! Head over there to check it out. Please, share your thoughts… Continue reading

New Gallery of Offenders!

Date: | Posted By:
Our Gallery of Offenders is freshened up! Spew your vitriol for any of the Offenders below in the comments. Go nuts. Continue reading

New Gallery of Offenders!

Date: April 9, 2007 | Posted By:
Just wanted to let you know that our brand-new, rockin’ Gallery of Offenders has been posted! Can you help by submitting #10? (We’ll be opening a special area for comments soon!) — J.B. Continue reading