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Give Everybody a Bikini Body 2: #Bikinis4All was a success!

Our campaign closed on Tuesday, August 18, 2015, and we raised more than $27,000 for About-Face programs for teen girls in schools and on the web. That means we exceeded our goal by more than $6,000! You can see all the campaign videos and details below.


This summer, give everybody a bikini body through
About-Face’s media and body image programs!


Fundraising: The Indiegogo Campaign

We believe that despite what the mainstream media says, everyone deserves to accept and respect their body, have high self-esteem, and feel comfortable going out to play this summer!

Our last campaign, Give Everybody a Bikini Body, was so successful in 2014 that we’re doing it again this year!

This campaign makes possible our successful programs, including our 4-session media and body image awareness and action programs for girls in the San Francisco Bay Area and our online presence, including the Gallery of Offenders and Winners, which engages teen girls where they are — on social media and the web.

Read more about our mission and contribute to our campaign here!



Awareness: The #Bikinis4All Dare

About-Face is also putting you up to a social media dare, the #Bikinis4All Dare: We dare you to put your swimsuit on, grab a friend to video you, and head to your local beach, pool, or even sprinklers. Then tell us your name, age, and where you are, and remind us that having fun this summer is more important than what you look like! Jump on in that water and have a great time. Then, post your video and share using the hashtag #Bikinis4All.

AND GUESS WHAT? The makers of our 4 favorite videos will win a FREE swimsuit from ModCloth! We love ModCloth because not only are their suits cute, but they come in sizes up to 24 and don’t separate their sizes into Plus and Regular! Check out ModCloth’s suits on their web site.

Retro and cute ModCloth swimsuits come in lots of sizes. Click the pic to see more suits.

Retro and cute ModCloth swimsuits come in lots of sizes. Click the pic to see more suits.

#Bikinis4All Posts:


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