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archive page 12: PETA: Animal-friendly, human-hating

Warning: Sexual violence alert! PETA’s ad “My Boyfriend Went Vegan”, tries to warn young women of the effects of their boyfriend going vegan, also known as BWVAKTBOOM (Boyfriend Went Vegan And Knocked The Bottom Out Of Me) and informing them of the safe way to go vegan. Of course, the story of “Jessica” and her

PETA strikes again in San Francisco: Women stand in as literal pieces of meat

Women in the media are relentlessly treated like nothing more than pieces of meat, presented as objects for the mindless consumption of the viewers, and for the financial gain of the industries behind sexist marketing tactics. Who would have expected that an organization could take the “women treated as pieces of meat” route so literally? Are

PETA – People for the Egregious Treatment of Adult (Women)

You’d think an organization like PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — would be a proactive organization, readily supporting healthy, happy agendas to get people living healthier lifestyles. Right? Wrong. PETA is one of the worst culprits of objectification and sexualization of women. Somehow, PETA tries to equate pornographic images of half-naked

Letter to Peta

February 14th, 2002 Ingrid Newkirk, President PETA 501 Front Street Norfolk, VA 23510 Dear Ms. Newkirk, In a recent drive down Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, I spotted a billboard with the headline: “I hate men’s guts,” followed by: “Thick around the middle? Go veg!” As a supporter of PETA, I was disappointed to see

Banned Super Bowl ad takes PETA from controversial to pornographic

PETA, I just…I can’t. Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness what happens when an ad campaign goes from controversial (yet debatably tasteful) exhibitionism to straight-up, soft-core pornography. A word to the wise: do not view this video at work, around small children, or in the presence of anyone with an ounce of respect for women

PETA pushes shock value. Again.

Newsflash PETA: Nudity and shock value are only novel for so long. I guess I can give PETA points for creativity and timeliness, but how many points do I subtract for consistent sexism, misogyny and, um…hardly ever depicting a single animal? The latest controversy-causing PETA ads poke fun at the body scan machines used at

Pamela Anderson displays her parts for PETA

Was PETA neglected as a child? Was it deprived of attention as a young, burgeoning organization? Why else would poor PETA feel the need to keep crying out for help by flaunting its half-naked celebrity supporters in compromising, often-sexist positions? To save the animals? Nah… Once again, the ever-demure, painfully shy Pamela Anderson is causing

PETA and Feminism Don’t Mix

I love the satirical newspaper The Onion. Their sharp and hilarious cultural criticism makes me laugh and makes me think. A little while back they featured this video about how People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) uses the objectification of women in their advertising:

Lush cosmetics anti-animal testing campaign demonstrated on women

Note: This blog originally claimed that PETA was partnered with Lush in this campaign. This information is false and we deeply regret the mistake, and sincerely apologize for the error. If it looks like violence against women and it smells like violence against women, is it violence against women? Nope. It could be the anti-animal

Female celebrities during award season: Keeping it (too?) real

I’m all for celebs getting real about what it takes to look as good as they do. Hell, I’ve even been known to enjoy me a little of US Mag’s “They’re Just Like Us!” section because it pokes holes in the perceived perfection of A-listers. What I don’t like, however, is Oscar nominees Octavia Spencer