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American Apparel does it again (and again)

We talk about how ads objectify women a lot. And what’s the easiest way to do so? Cutting out a person’s face is a start. Here, the model is literally just a body part. She is an object for looking at, particularly her butt. Without the context of this image being from American Apparel’s Instagram

American Apparel: v-necks and sexual exploitation

As the media coverage dies down regarding American Apparel’s knack for remarkably misogynistic and overtly sexual advertising (check out Nancy Upton’s hilarious/courageous spoof), and CEO Dov Charney’s nefarious past, the company reports an increase in net sales for the first quarter in 2013. This is a remarkable turnaround for the company who faced potential bankruptcy

archive of winners 8: Nancy Upton shames the shameful American Apparel

Nancy Upton, a plus size woman, entered American Apparel’s “Next Big Thing” modeling contest where the winner was to be decided by online votes. For this contest, Upton submitted pictures of herself eating and covered with food in provocative positions, basically spoofing all of American Apparel’s ads throughout the years. Although Upton won the contest

archive page 7: American Apparel: Sexist marketing made in downtown L.A.

American Apparel’s pornographic marketing photos are not cutting-edge—they’re old-fashioned sexism dressed in deep v-neck t-shirts and flashy leggings. Their retro styles match their outdated way of showing women, and their photos would be much more appropriate in a hipster edition of Hustler than a clothing catalog. While American Apparel does use racially diverse models in their ads,

American Apparel’s “plus-sized” model search is a total farce

I have never loved anything like I love ripping on American Apparel, and they make it so easy. Their latest? A “plus-sized” line that consists of a size 12/14—a straight size in most retailers—and which is available in a whopping 20 styles. How gracious of them! Given American Apparel’s previously stated stance on plus-sized clothing

American Apparel CEO’s endless douchebaggery gets him sued (again)

For those of you gleefully following the downfall of Dov Charney, add another lawsuitto his troubles. Your stretch floral lace unitards can’t save you now, Charney (yes, these are actual items for sale on the American Apparel web site. Are you surprised?). Irene Morales, Alyssa Ferguson, and Tessa Lubans-Dehaven are suing the American Apparel CEO,

Dov Charney, American Apparel face sexual harassment lawsuits

Warning: This post may be triggering for those sensitive to issues surrounding sexual assault. Why am I still writing about Dov Charney? In the past three weeks, five former employees have filed two sexual harassment lawsuits against Dov, the founder of American Apparel. The young women accuse him of engaging in a variety of inappropriate

American Apparel’s Classy-Vintage-Chic-Late ’80s-Early ’90s-Racist-Sexist-High end brand

We’ve talked about American Apparel before. You all know how we feel about the company’s creeptacular history and about how AA ads constantly and consistently make women’s bodies into objects for public consumption. Just when I thought they couldn’t get worse, something new and insidious surfaced. Gawker wrote recently about AA’s looks-based hiring policies, leaking

About-Face protests American Apparel: An Afternoon with Dov Charney

By now, you know how much we despise American Apparel’s advertising. Well, here’s your chance to make your voice heard TOMORROW, whether you’re in San Francisco or supporting from afar: An Afternoon with Dov Charney Saturday, May 1 at 1:00pm Haight St. (at Clayton), San Francisco (and online) Click for more info. Using street theater

That’s enough, American Apparel.

In a move that comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody, American Apparel has set a new standard for sexually objectifying women everywhere via their “World’s Best Bottom” contest. You’ve probably heard about it: CEO Dov Charney and company encouraged American Apparel customers around the world to send in photos of their butts clad in