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Can the Radio City Rockettes be revolutionary?

Date: December 29, 2011 | Posted By: Jennifer Berger
The Rockettes have long been revered as a glorified group of long-legged eye-candy, but recent changes to their traditional dance numbers claim to be challenging the show’s status quo. A recent New York Times piece “Rockettes: Rebooted for a New Era” highlights an attempted shift in the theme of the famed showcase and the function of its Continue reading

Does eating Dove chocolate really have to involve “confession”?

Date: December 27, 2011 | Posted By: Jennifer Berger
On rare occasion, the media isn’t blatantly in-your-face sexist, racist, or ageist. In fact, it’s the more subtle messages, especially those which appear to be about female empowerment, that are harder to scrutinize. Take this Dove® chocolate commercial, for example: Continue reading

Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night” video makes the psych ward seem hot

Date: December 22, 2011 | Posted By: Jennifer Berger
By now, Lady Gaga fans have probably already seen her latest: a fourteen-minute opus that is allegedly a music video for her song “Marry the Night”. I say “allegedly” because the song itself doesn’t even start until nearly nine minutes in, after an extended sequence where Gaga narrates about trauma and we get to witness her Continue reading

H&M heralds the dawn of the “virtual mannequin”

Date: December 20, 2011 | Posted By: Jennifer Berger
Between print media, TV ads, and virtual promotions, we media watchdogs have seen it all — rib cages, spines, cleavage, you name it. Though the women portrayed in most catalogs are typically white, unhealthily underweight, and sexualized, we could at least find solace in the fact that their bodies were their bodies — a.k.a, not Continue reading

NBC’s Parks and Recreation promotes feminism for everyone

Date: December 16, 2011 | Posted By: Jennifer Berger
As a media consumer, I usually have more to criticize than praise. Our televisions are constantly filled with stick-thin celebrities, diet ads, and negative messages about women’s bodies. So when a show has a woman-positive, even feminist message, it deserves recognition. Enter Parks and Recreation, a sitcom about small government in the fictional town of Continue reading

Lesbian storylines make a desperate grab for Sweeps Week TV ratings

Date: December 13, 2011 | Posted By:
Sweeps Week, the week(s) during the television season when Nielsen ratings data is collected (most recently at the end of November), is not known for quality. What it is known for are live episodes, celebrity cameos, character deaths, cliffhangers, and of course, the infamous shark jump. But beyond these trivial stunts, a disturbing trend has Continue reading

AskMen.com: The ultimate sexist ploy

Date: December 11, 2011 | Posted By:
With all the super-sexist advertisements that are in the media on a daily basis, there are few things that really, truly shock me. I’ve seen a lot of screwed-up stuff, but this article in particular really takes the cake. I present to you, from Askmen.com: Top 10 Subtle Ways to Tell Her She’s Getting Fat Continue reading

The Irish media and censorship make girls dress sexily

Date: December 8, 2011 | Posted By:
[Ed. note: This article is Part Two of a three-part series about the intersection of secular and religious culture in Ireland and the effect of those forces on Ireland’s young women. Here’s Part One.] The novelty of television took hold in Ireland back in the 1950s, but a lack of funding and expertise in the Continue reading

A rise in male cosmetic surgery: Welcome to our world!

Date: December 6, 2011 | Posted By:
As bummed (that’s putting it mildly) as I am about the cultural beauty ideals that women are pressured to achieve—and as much as I feel that the average male is sometimes complicit in the ideals’ prominence in our culture—I don’t think the solution is to foist the same restrictions and fantasies on men. Which is Continue reading

Two decades of progress (or lack thereof) in media representation

Date: December 4, 2011 | Posted By:
It was a daunting task. My first mission as an About-Face intern was to downsize a cabinet of media images collected over the course of the last twenty (!!) years into three binders containing the most essential or iconic images. This gave me more than just a little perspective on how the media’s portrayal of women Continue reading