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Will male objectification persuade us to check our breasts?

Date: November 30, 2011 | Posted By: Jennifer Berger
Rethink Breast Cancer harnesses the power of viral advertising with their new app, Your Man Reminder, but is objectification ever OK? In the promo ad, a doctor admits that since “studies have shown that women are more likely to watch a video if it features a hot guy”, he can’t discuss breast cancer with the Continue reading

Former Survivor Contestant Turns Body Image Activist

Date: November 27, 2011 | Posted By:
There are numerous ways to have an impact on how the media represents women. But sometimes it’s difficult to know where to turn. If you’re like me, you have days when you want to take a baseball bat to your TV, shred every fashion magazine in the supermarket, and go on a spray-painting rampage to Continue reading

Cheerios trades whole grains for less you

Date: November 24, 2011 | Posted By:
General Mills is the latest brand giant to jump on the correlation bandwagon, linking consumption of MultiGrain Cheerios to weight loss and size reduction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qHITCh9L4c A recent Cheerios commercial features a run-in with two women at a clothes donation drop box. The first female praises her friend’s weight loss and appearance. The pal attributes her Continue reading

Barbie: The Young Girls’ Ultimate Role Model?

Date: November 23, 2011 | Posted By:
Especially in this day and age, every young girl should have a role model. They need someone to look up to — someone who will validate their dreams, inspire their hearts, and represent all the positive, healthy ideals life has to offer. My mother is my role model, and so when I saw this commercial Continue reading

Negative body talk is alive and well among college women

Date: November 20, 2011 | Posted By:
As a college freshman, I’m constantly being exposed to the living habits of other women. In a dorm, you quickly learn the rituals of college life, both in the academic and social senses. Unfortunately, amidst hectic class schedules and fun-filled social lives, college students are not exempt from the impact of the negative body image messages Continue reading

Kelly Clarkson bucks the trends, and the media circus

Date: November 17, 2011 | Posted By:
Given their ubiquitous presence in the public eye, celebrities often end up being role models without even knowing it. Sometimes without understanding the impact they have on their fans, celebrities’ actions unduly influence us as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of young adulthood. This can be both good and bad. In the case of Kelly Continue reading

Dear Glamour, loving your body is never dangerous

Date: November 15, 2011 | Posted By: Jennifer Berger
In a recent article in Glamour, body image activist Jess Weiner describes a health scare that made her re-evaluate her relationship with her body. At 250 pounds, with high cholesterol and low blood sugar, her doctor informed her she was pre-diabetic. Weiner made some lifestyle changes, dropped 25 pounds, and found herself with a clean Continue reading

Dressing for whose shape, exactly?

Date: November 10, 2011 | Posted By:
A few days ago, I heard a young woman, about my age, express the sentiment, “Women should really dress for the body type they have, not the one they want.” She isn’t alone in her thinking. It seems finding flattering clothing is a universal concern for women. In department store dressing rooms, we search for Continue reading

Miller revokes ‘man cards’ for men lite on manliness

Date: November 8, 2011 | Posted By: Jennifer Berger
The sexism of beer and other alcohol commercials has been well-documented by About-Face. So, I can’t say I was terribly surprised to see the line of the latest Miller Lite commercials. I’m referring to, of course, the series of advertisements that the company has been promoting as part of their “Un-Manly” campaign. I’m sure you’ve Continue reading

In the space between Old and New: Irish girls, the body, and self

Date: November 3, 2011 | Posted By:
[Ed. note: This article is part one of a three-part series about the intersection of secular and religious culture in Ireland and the effect of those forces on Ireland’s young women.] Some time ago I came across an Irish Times article entitled Working the Hooker Look. In the article, Alda Austin writes about her experience Continue reading