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Sophia Bush thinks Urban Outfitters is as bad as we do

Date: August 3, 2010 | Posted By: Stacey
There’s nothing better than a celebrity who recognizes how sucky the media can be. Sophia Bush (“One Tree Hill”) isn’t about to fall prey to any warped body image messages, and she doesn’t think you should either. The actress recently took to her blog to rant about Urban Outfitters’ offensive “Eat Less” t-shirt. Here’s what Continue reading

“Blame It On the Alcohol”? Or on the whole mysogynistic system?

Date: | Posted By: Stacey
Jamie Foxx blamed it on the alcohol. About-Face fan Elizabeth Dodd blames it on pervasive sexist viewpoints in the media. Jamie has the honor of gracing our Gallery of Offenders, and Liz thinks there are plenty of others in the spotlight who deserve to join him. Read what the New Zealander has to say about Continue reading