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As if the world needed another eating disorder: Diabulimia

Date: June 28, 2007 | Posted By:
This is my diabetes kit. Dealing with the blood-sugar testing, hypoglycemic episodes, insulin-pump management and/or insulin injections is no party. But the consequences of NOT dealing with them are severe. Continue reading

Fat Rant: You Must Watch This

Date: June 13, 2007 | Posted By:
Oh my goodness, I can’t believe we missed this for THREE FULL MONTHS. Watch! Watch! She’s fat, and she’s OK with it! Thanks, Alison, for the major tip! — J.B. Continue reading

Please don’t help your 6-year-old be sexy.

Date: | Posted By:
When my friend’s three-year-old daughter answered the door wearing some kind of brownish makeup smeared all over her face, her mom and I had a good laugh. She had done it herself; we joked that she missed a couple spots, and the little girl busted out a belly laugh that almost knocked her over. Most Continue reading

Hostile Hostel takes woman-hating to a new level

Date: June 7, 2007 | Posted By:
WARNING: Hey kids! This piece includes details that may give you some bad nightmares. And we definitely don’t want to give you nightmares. Hostel: Part II, the latest installment from Quentin Tarantino and his merry band of all-male producers, is coming out tomorrow. The main characters in the first Hostel were male backpackers, but this Continue reading