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talk back

Here are all of the petitions on our site, in one place. Sign them all! Then share them via Facebook, social media, or e-mail!

Why sign petitions?

The great thing about online petitions is that EVERY TIME you sign one, an e-mail goes to the person at the company that the petition is targeted to. We target our petitions very carefully: Usually to a Chief Marketing Officer or a person high up in the company who has the power to make change.

Petitions to our Gallery of Offenders

Check out our Gallery of Offenders for links to petitions.

Gallery of Winners “love” petitions are coming soon!

Creating your own petition is also easy! Click here for our guide to writing a great complaint letter. We recommend using Change.org or Care2.com to start your petition. Please share it with us if you’d like us to post it here!


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