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When you buy these goodies, you directly support About-Face’s mission and programs for girls, as well as keeping this web site a free and accessible resource! Every order comes with a gift card to let everyone know you are supporting us.






About-Face T-Shirts – $19.00 each


Our brand-new, fab “Women&Girls&Media&Body Image” T-shirt, exclusive to About-Face. Black T-shirt with white writing includes About-Face logo on back.

About-Face T-Shirt in Women’s Small — $19.00

About-Face T-Shirt in Women’s Medium — $19.00

About-Face T-Shirt in Women’s Large — $19.00

About-Face T-Shirt in Women’s X-Large — $19.00

Don’t see your size or style here? Please contact us to request it! We can order lots of different styles/types of shirts quickly, and we live the About-Face mission by being all-sizes-friendly and -supportive. Sadly though, buying lots of inventory of different T-shirt sizes is not in our budget. BUT, just because it’s not listed here doesn’t mean we don’t want to make you a T-shirt for your body! Let us know what you’d like and we’ll try to make it happen.

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tote bags

About-Face Tote Bags – $12.00 each

Tote Bag

These tote bags are made from organic cotton, and feature our exclusive “BEAUTIFUL” design.


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About-Face Action Kit: Covert Dressing Room Action – $15.00 each

The key pieces you need to do an action just like our Covert Dressing Room Action!
The decals will not damage surfaces in any way.

We’ll send you:
18 Static-Cling Decals (3 of each design)
1 Covert Instruction and Tips sheet for doing
the action on your own or with a group
20 Points for Reflection Sheets to post in fitting rooms


12-DECAL SET – $10.00 each

Slap ’em up on mirrors and windows, or give ’em as a gift! The set includes 12 static-cling decals
(2 of each design) in a colored envelope to carry with you or give to a friend.


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We are currently sold out! Check back later for new stuff.


Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein – CLEARANCE – WAS $8.50, now $4.25

Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture by Peggy Orenstein
Peggy Orenstein was honored with the 2012 About-Face Embody Award, and we think everyone should read this book. An intelligent, candid, and often personal work, Cinderella Ate My Daughter offers an important exploration of the burgeoning girlie-girl culture and what it could mean for our daughters’ identities and their futures. (Paperback)





“Love Yourself Just As You Are” by Lisa Hunter – CLEARANCE – WAS $15.00, now $7.00

Click here to listen.

For years, when the songs from “Love Yourself Just As You Are” come on the iPod around the office,
we’ve been filled with happiness. Now it’s time to share the love. This collection of great tracks brings
you Lisa and her guitar, singing of the body-image blues, the Victoria’s Secret catalog, and what happens
when you decide not to believe in our culture’s messages anymore. Soon you’ll also be walking around saying to yourself “I’m so incredibly beautiful.” Now would that be so bad?


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bumper stickers

About-Face Bumper Sticker – CLEARANCE – WAS $2.00, now $1.00

“Your Mind Never Goes Out of Fashion” sticker with About-Face logo


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About-Face Giveaway Cards – 10 for $1.50

Rack Cards

These high-quality informational cards are great for healthcare providers or teenagers. One one side, there’s information about About-Face and our web site, and on the other side, a bunch of tools and tips for improving body image and media literacy for yourself and women/girls of all ages. Cards are 3.5″ by 8.5″

$1.50 for 10

About-Face Vintage Postcard Set – CLEARANCE – WAS 10 for $7.00, now 10 for $3.00

These clever and colorful postcards offer a great way to shake up the way we think. Send them to friends, teachers, fashion designers! They come in a set of 10 — 3-4 of each design

Quit Playing Barbie back of card: Challenging The Status Quo
Fashion Plate: Stop Starvation Imagery
Please Don’t Feed The Models back of card: Stop Starvation Imagery Create An About-Face: Don’t Fall For the Media Circus


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“Please Don’t Feed the Models” Vintage About-Face Poster – CLEARANCE – WAS $15.00, now $5.00

Please Don’t Feed the Models
A vintage About-Face poster! We loved spoofing the ridiculous poses that models are asked to create,
and of course, the cage theme is ripe for interpretation! Bright, colorful, and funny.
Measures 23″ x 18″

“Bodies are not Fashion Accessories” Vintage About-Face Poster – CLEARANCE – WAS $15.00, now $5.00

Bodies Are Not Fashion Accessories poster
Satirizing the trend of the fashion world to reduce our bodies to accessories,
this poster depicts women as fashion baubles.
A fashion season may trumpet full breasts or flat breasts (or fake breasts) but hey,
women’s body parts are NOT fashion accessories!
Measures 36″ x 20″


“Fashion Plate” Vintage About-Face Poster – CLEARANCE – WAS $15.00, now $5.00

“Fashion Plate” poster
Measures 24″ x 18″


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When you buy these goodies, you will directly support About-Face’s mission and programs for girls, as well as keeping this web site a free and accessible resource! Every order comes with a gift card to let everyone know you are supporting us.

Sometimes it can take up to one week to fill your order, since our staff is small. If you require faster service, please contact us (see below) after your order goes through.

Ordering through our web site means your shipping and tax will be calculated accurately, saving you money! But if you would prefer to order another way, please e-mail us or phone us at (415) 839-6779, and we will be happy to take your order.

Please ask for special bulk rates on large quantities.