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Gallery of Winners Archive


archive of winners 3: Confidence is always attractive.

“We at Glamour think your body is fantastic. Tall and gangly, small and busty, muscular, curvy, soft or sinewy—we celebrate it all.” —Glamour This article takes a positive approach to women’s body confidence and insecurities. While acknowledging that many women are still unhappy with their bodies, it also highlights that many women are learning to Continue reading

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archive of winners 2: Yay for Ne-Yo and “Miss Independent”!

Kudos to R&B artist Ne-Yo for shining a positive, “independent” light on women striving for success in the video “Miss Independent”. Usually when we watch music videos, especially hip-hop and R&B videos, we’re used to seeing half-naked women plastered over cars and the artists. This video shows a positive perspective of the modern hard-working woman Continue reading


archive of winners 1: Power to Amy Purdy and Element

The first thing I noticed about this ad was the snowboard. Then her t-shirt. Then the quote in the top left corner: “You can do what you want to with your life. You’re not limited.” And then, whoa, does she have two prosthetic legs? What’s most powerful about this Element ad is that it does Continue reading

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archive of winners 6: Fruit of the Loom

This ad is really funny, but with a purpose — I giggled at the faux beat poetry and mock spoken-word rhythm. But then it turns out the message is really quite lovely. Here are the lyrics: For all the places I want to seeThese legs are a vehiclecarrying me.What more could I ask them to Continue reading