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Gallery of Offenders Archive


Moen’s Ad Is Clogged With Gender Bias

Moen’s new advertisement is certainly making a statement, although we can’t say that it’s a good one. At first glance, it’s difficult to even determine what the company is trying to sell. Necklaces? Dresses? Those would be good guesses, but Moen’s actually hoping you’ll buy one of their new sinks. By jamming their real product Continue reading

Talk Dirty To Me

Jason Derulo wants you to talk dirty

In the latest single and music video from Jason Derulo, he wants you to talk dirty and he also doesn’t need you to speak English for it. He doesn’t need to “speak the language” since the women’s “booty don’t need explaining”. The fact that the majority of the women in this video are tropes regarding Continue reading


Viktor & Rolf’s Bonbon smells like misogyny

Viktor & Rolf have gift-wrapped their new Bonbon fragrance…and their model, too! It’s hard to tell what in the world this advertisement is showcasing—the words tell us one thing, but the visual is quite a different story. Here’s an excerpt from the Saks Fifth Avenue website, Bonbon’s exclusive carrier: “It is a haute confection that fuels Continue reading


Ladies: Wax that body or become undesirable, says Veet

When Veet released this particular ad campaign, it was met with protest and outrage, especially considering that it was suggesting that if women don’t shave, they risk becoming a “dude” and that’s the worst thing that could happen to a woman. After all, dudes are gross, hairy, and they are disgusted by women who are Continue reading


SELF’s Dream Body Expectations are a Nightmare

SELF magazine’s August issue has decided to showcase what they call the “best bodies in the world.” Their main article features a supermodel and her fitness routine, which is then followed up with blurbs from six professional athletes and a challenge urging women to lose weight. While we have nothing but respect for people who Continue reading


Revlon: Sexism Is On

Revlon’s advertisement claims that their 72 new colors of nail enamel will inspire love in consumers, by boldly announcing, “Passion is on!” But there is absolutely nothing affectionate about a pair of disembodied hands being draped across a man’s face. By neglecting to show the owner of the hands’ face or body, this ad separates Continue reading


Sexy Hair’s New Ad Is Out Of Style

Over fifty years after her death, Marilyn Monroe still remains a pop culture icon. In their new advertisements, Sexy Hair capitalizes upon the late actress and model’s immortal charm in the hopes of selling more cans of hairspray. Some of the images used are more risque than others, but the quote in this particular ad Continue reading


Maybelline’s Ad is All Sexualization, Never Innovation

Maybelline’s advertisement for “The Blushed Nudes Palette” uses old and tired connotations in the hopes of enticing consumers to buy their product. This makeup company certainly isn’t the first to employ provocative language and sensual imagery when trying to sell a nude-colored collection, but it is disturbing to find this particular ad in Seventeen–a magazine Continue reading

Screenshot 2015-08-25 14.50.11

SOFY BeFresh: Thanks, but we’ll get our pads elsewhere

Those of us who get periods aren’t generally as excited about them as the countless white-clad, smiling actresses in tampon commercials make us out to be. This BeFresh pad advertisement from SOFY, however, goes way too far in the other direction. It features a young, thin woman who realizes she’s about to get her period Continue reading


Suit Supply supplies more misogyny

Advertisers are constantly trying to find new ways to attract consumers’ eyes and interest in their products. Sadly, the way this tends to happen is by having a woman’s body be scantily-clad. Suit Supply is a Dutch clothing line (with stores in the U.S.) that makes suits for men, and their latest advertising campaign is Continue reading