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Slaying a Jabberwocky and Other Girly Feats.


Questions to Consider:

  • What are some of Alice’s personality traits in this movie?
  • Did Alice need to be brave to be truly herself? Why?
  • Did it seem important that Alice was pretty or wore makeup in this movie?

What We Think:

Disney isn’t exactly known for its portrayals of girls that go against the princess grain. But this time, I was pleasantly surprised by the character of Alice in the recent Alice in Wonderland. She is actually multi-dimensional (not just there to look pretty)! She’s courageous! She says she’s scared, but she confronts that fear to kill the Jabberwocky, then goes “home” to Victorian England to run a business with her late father’s business partner instead of marrying his yucky son. Her job in the film isn’t to be a pawn or to let things happen to her, but to take control over her circumstances. And it’s all done rather subtly. With more characters like this, I would like us to start thinking, collectively, as a culture, “It just happens that the hero of this film is a woman.”

–Jennifer Berger


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