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Kotex Tells It Like It Is.

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Questions to Consider:

  • Is Kotex’s commentary about other tampon commercials accurate?
  • In what ways does this commercial raise awareness about how manipulative commercials can be? (And is this commercial an exception?)
  • How does Kotex want you to feel about their product?

What We Think:

We love just about anything that self-incriminates by revealing the fakeness of advertising. Kotex’s “So Obnoxious” commercial raises awareness about how advertising can be so influential, but sometimes is so irrelevant to the product (like using a “believably attractive 18-to-24-year-old female” who is “wearing white pants” to sell tampons). The humorous “Reality Check” ad points out how tampon commercials make periods seem so enjoyable and soft and feminine (“I like to twirl — maybe in slow motion.”). An added benefit is that the commercial makes women ask themselves how they actually feel about their periods.

–Juliet Weintraub


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