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Wait a minute, where’s number 10?


We always strive to have ten items in our galleries, but we really struggled to find a 10th winner for our Gallery of Winners. So, help us out by submitting your ideas.

If we post your Winner, you’ll get a $10 gift certificate for our online store (about-face.org/su/goodies) and we’ll put your name on the Winner page!

Rules: The piece of media must be 1) viewed or published or created no longer than 6 months before you submit it, 2) In mainstream, widely seen media or a billboard on a major road in your area, 3) find-able again by us so we can verify that you’re not making it up. (OK, we know you wouldn’t do that, but you know what we mean…)

Here are the items to send us via e-mail to submissions@about-face.org. Incomplete entries will not be considered. Seriously.

  • An image file or YouTube link
  • Source (exact date the commercial aired and on what channel, issue date of magazine, or web address)
  • Headline/title for the page
  • Questions to consider (3-5 media literacy questions)
  • What We think (no more than 150 words)
  • Your full name and city/state
  • Take Action! Contact information for the company or media maker

The subject line of your e-mail must be “10th Winner submission”.

Alrighty then, send ’em over!