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Respect is sexy.


Questions to Consider:

  • What product is this ad campaign selling?
  • How is the product being sold?
  • How does Trojan want you to feel when you see these ads?
  • What kind of messages does this campaign send about sex and intimacy?
  • How do these ads target men, and how do they target women?
  • Who is this ad campaign’s intended audience?

What We Think:
Characterizing sleazy guys as pigs is an effective and humorous way of both advertising contraceptives and contrasting how women should and should not be treated. I see this ad as being aimed equally towards heterosexual women and heterosexual men. To women, it says that guys who don’t respect you don’t deserve your time. To guys, it says that to have a chance with a woman, you must be mature, polite, and considerate. The ad encourages both women and men to practice safe sex and to “choose the one who uses a condom every time.”

–Sabrina Sierra


Trojan brand condoms (parent company: Church & Dwight)

(800) 524-1328

Contact them online.

James R. Craigie, CEO
Church & Dwight Co.
469 North Harrison St.
Princeton, NJ 08543