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Sarah Haskins tells it like it is on “Target Women”

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Questions to Consider:

  • What is Sarah Haskins’ perspective or point of view?
  • What are some effective ways she gets her opinions across?
  • After watching “Target Women” video clips, do you see everyday media differently?

What We Think:

Sarah Haskins’ critiques are among the most comprehensive and on-point ones I’ve seen of how advertisers target women to sell products. She brilliantly tackles shameless themes that pop up in commercials, like ones that sell frozen food (“It is the woman’s job to feed her family,” she sarcastically says. “Just make sure it satisfies EVERYONE.”) and ones that sell yogurt (“Yogurt is the official food of women.”). There’s an episode about skin care products, and how their commercials always use fake science and remind us that we’re aging. See more on the Target Women/Sarah Haskins’ page.

–Kate Elston


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