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Only in a very messed-up world: Ours.



Questions to Consider:

  • What is the cartoon woman doing?
  • What look do you see on her face?
  • What is she thinking about?
  • What do her actions and her thoughts have to do with each other?
  • What are the cartoon woman’s options, according to this ad?
  • What product is the ad selling?
  • What action does the advertiser want you to take?

What We Think:

Despite the cute cartoon, this ad for Baked Lay’s chips represents a resigned, melancholy commentary on women’s relationships with their bodies and food. Celery has very little nutritional content, and this woman clearly looks unhappy and frustrated as she chews it while thinking of fitting into her bikini. One can see this another way: She is malnourishing her body so she can get thin enough to wear a tiny bikini. But no, the ad answers, she can eat Baked Lay’s, which is a “diet food”. What’s wrong with this picture, really? We think it’s that most women see this celery-bikini connection as part of “a woman’s world” as the ad states in the top left corner, not as the disturbed, pathological behavior it really is.

–Jennifer Berger



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