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God forbid we’d be happy with bellies!



Questions to Consider:

  • What messages does this send to women and girls about happiness?
  • What messages does this send about their bodies?
  • What does it mean to have “no belly”?

What We Think:

If only they had stopped after the first half of the sentence and said: “Happiness is a full belly.” I could get behind an ad like that, even though I think that grossly simplifies a complex emotion such as happiness. But at least that rings true in a healthy way—I do quite enjoy the experience of being satisfied and full after a good meal. Yet TreeTop cannot end it there. Instead of advertising the satisfying taste, quality ingredients, or affordable price of this product, the advertisers offer a completely unrealistic promise to women viewers: a literal defiance of human physicality. Apparently this product will “curb your appetite and promote a healthy metabolism,” yet those things are truthfully counterproductive. A healthy metabolism means that you will have more of an appetite because your body is processing food quickly and utilizing energy stores. But “having a healthy metabolism” is actually a euphemism for “losing weight”, and “curbing your appetite” means being able to restrict your calorie consumption by denying your body’s physiological needs. The message being sent to women here is that the key to happiness is to literally be less of a body—to exist less, to take up less space.

–Marisa Keller


Tom Auvil, Chairman

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