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Blame it on Jamie Foxx

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Questions to Consider:

  • How are the men portrayed in this video? How about the women?
  • Do you notice a difference between what women and men do or act like in this video?
  • What behavior is being blamed on the alcohol?
  • When the two women kiss, who are they kissing for—themselves or someone else?

What We Think:

Here at About-Face we love a good hip-hop beat, but when we look at the actual images and lyrics in this video, we want to “Blame It” on sexism. More dangerous than the all-too-common sexualized and objectified images of women in the video, however, are the lyrics to the song. What is Jamie “blaming” on alcohol? Taking advantage of drunk women. Here are some sample lyrics:

She say she usually don’t
But I know that she front
Cause shawty know what she want
But she don’t wanna seem like she easy.
I hear you saying what ya won’t do
But you know we probably gon do

People listening to this song get the message that “no” means “yes”. A Department of Justice report entitled “Acquaintance Rape of College Students” states the following regarding the prevalance of acquaintance rape: “Many men are socialized to believe that women initially resist sexual advances to preserve their reputation and, because of this, prefer to be overcome sexually. If a woman says ‘no’, a man is to proceed as if she said ‘yes’.” Jamie couldn’t have said it better himself. And while we’re blaming it on the alcohol, let’s remember that 75% of male and 55% of female students in an occurrence of date rape had been drinking or using drugs (National Studies of College Women).

— Suzannah Tipermas, MFT


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