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The Axe Effect: Men become sleazy jerks



Questions to Consider:

  • What does body wash have to do with drinking alcohol?
  • What behaviors is this ad promoting?
  • What kind of messages does this ad send about women?

What We Think:

Axe is known for its sexually provocative advertising, but here is a new slant on selling body wash: it can cure your hangover after binge-drinking AND “scrub away the skank” you slept with “accidentally”! What message does this send to young men about how they should treat women? It is clear from the majority of past and present Axe ads that they are speaking to an audience of young heterosexual men, typically looking to hook up with women. According to this ad, Axe will help you in that endeavor by allowing you to continue pursuing drunken sex devoid of emotion with a new woman each day, even if you wake up physically ill and amnesic.

— Marisa Keller


Unilever (Axe’s Parent Company)

Kevin B. George
Vice President and General Manger of Antiperspirant, Deodorant, and Hair Care Business
c/o Unilever United States, Inc.
800 Sylvan Ave.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

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