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Carl’s Jr. dishes out a side of misogyny with every order.

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Questions to Consider:

  • What product is being sold in this commercial?
  • How is the product being sold?
  • How does Carl’s Jr. want you to feel when you watch this ad?
  • Why do people say “sex sells”? Is it true?
  • Does this ad send conflicting messages?
  • Who is this ad’s intended audience?

What We Think:

I’m sure this commercial is alienating and turning off every former or potential Carl’s Jr. customer who is not a heterosexual male. It makes the absurd connection between junk food and sex—as if customers could get “a side of Audrina” with their six-dollar “bikini” burgers. (Audrina is Audrina Patridge, who used to be on the show “The Hills”.) For me, the most disturbing part of the commercial is when the off-screen narrator announces that the teriyaki burger is “more than just a piece of meat”—implying that Audrina, a woman, is just a piece of meat? The introduction of the commercial also suggests this view: The words “Top-rated bikini body” appear under Audrina’s name at the corner of the screen, as if it’s her official title. This ad sends the message that women are sexual objects—just bodies—that don’t deserve respect and are only worthy of attention if they fit into this female beauty standard. As if fast food wasn’t gross enough.

–Sabrina Sierra

The hilarious Sarah Haskins does a great job of telling off Carl’s Jr.’s sexist commercials in this episode of Target Women.


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